Christian Klein (Adidas)

Supervisory board of the week: Christian Klein (Adidas)

After 16 years, eleven of which as head of the supervisory board, Igor Landau takes his hat off: At the Adidas annual general meeting on 14 May, the 75-year-old Frenchman will not stand for election. Thomas Rabe (54) will succeed him as Chairman of the Supervisory Board, as the company announced a few days ago after a Supervisory Board meeting. The Bertelsmann boss has controlled the sporting goods giant since …

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Aufsichtsrätin der Woche: Xiaoqun Clever (Infineon)

Supervisory Board Member of the Week: Xiaoqun Clever (Infineon)

Chip manufacturer Infineon is bringing a media and digital expert on board: At the Annual General Meeting on February 20, shareholders are expected to elect Xiaoqun Clever to the 16-member Supervisory Board. In recent years, the 49-year-old has served as Chief Technology Officer at both ProSieben Sat 1 and the Swiss Ringier publishing house. In the meantime, Xiaoqun Clever is CEO of the software development and IT consulting company LuxNova …

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Friederike Helfer

Supervisory Board Member of the Week: Friederike Helfer (ThyssenKrupp)

A big change of seats on the Supervisory Board of ThyssenKrupp: At the Annual General Meeting at the end of next week, three members of the Supervisory Board will be leaving the board: Professor Bernhard Pellens, head of HSCB Germany Carola von Schmettow and former Cevian partner Jens Tischendorf. The former Ford manager Birgit Behrendt (60), Innogy finance director Bernhard Günther (52) and Friederike Helfer (43) from the major shareholder …

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Rüdiger Grube

Supervisory Board of the week: Rüdiger Grube (Vossloh)

The transport technology group Vossloh has hired a prominent manager: Former Railway boss Rüdiger Grube is to move into the six-member supervisory board shortly and then take over as chairman, the company announced earlier this week. The current Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Ulrich Harnacke, will retain his mandate and take over the chairmanship of the Audit Committee. A place on the supervisory body had become vacant because Bernhard Düttmann …

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Martin Jetter

Supervisory Board of the Week: Martin Jetter (Deutsche Börse)

The successor to Joachim Faber (69) has been appointed: The Supervisory Board of Deutsche Börse has nominated Martin Jetter as its new Chairman. The 60-year-old is therefore likely to move up to the position of chief executive after the Annual General Meeting in May. The head of IBM Europe, who has spent almost his entire career with the US technology group, has been a member of the 16-member control committee …

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Florinda Bogner

Board Member of the Week: Florinda Bogner (Willy Bogner)

Now it’s official: As the sports fashion company Willy Bogner announced last week, founder’s daughter Florinda Bogner is moving into the supervisory board. Her father was pleased in a press release that the 34-year-old has decided to “assume responsibility on the supervisory board”. Together with him, she will in future “represent the tradition of the brand and the interests of the family”. Florinda Bogner studied interior design in the USA …

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Till Reuter

Supervisory Board of the week: Till Reuter (Theo Müller)

Dairy entrepreneur Theo Müller has apparently found a new chairman of the supervisory board: As Manager Magazin reports in its current issue, Till Reuter has served as Chairman of the Supervisory Board since September. The 51-year-old surprisingly resigned from his position as CEO of Augsburg robot manufacturer Kuka in December. At the Theo Müller Group, as the official name suggests, the lawyer and business economist is taking on a difficult …

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Doreen Nowotne

Board Member of the Week: Doreen Nowotne (Haniel)

Haniel, the long-established Duisburg-based company, is to be replaced by a non-Family Chairman of the Supervisory Board: As the company announced this week, Doreen Nowotne will replace Franz Markus Haniel (63) in April. The 47-year-old management consultant and private equity specialist has been a member of the twelve-member board for around one and a half years. She also sits on the supervisory boards of Brenntag, Jenoptik and Lufthansa Technik. “With …

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Christoph Brand

Supervisory Board of the week: Christoph Brand (Scout24)

Pelham Capital has asserted itself: Christoph Brand has surprisingly moved into the supervisory board of the portal operator Scout24 (Autoscout24, Immobilienscout24) at the suggestion of the hedge fund. The Swiss media manager had received around 54 percent of the votes, Supervisory Board Chairman Hans Holger Albrecht announced following the Annual General Meeting last Friday. The majority of shareholders thus opposed the company’s management, which had been nominated by Mathias Hedlund, …

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Anke Schäferkordt

Member of the Supervisory Board of the Week: Anke Schäferkordt (Serviceplan)

Former RTL director Anke Schäferkordt has moved into the newly founded supervisory board of the advertising agency Serviceplan. Chairman of the three-member committee is co-founder Peter Haller, who has resigned from the management board. In addition, Sybille Stempel, daughter of co-founder Rolf Stempel, has assumed a mandate. As the largest owner-managed communications agency in Europe, the Serviceplan Group “occupies a special position in the rapidly changing agency industry”, Schäferkordt commented …

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Harald Kujat

Supervisory Board of the week: Harald Kujat (Heckler & Koch)

At this Friday’s Annual General Meeting, the shareholders of the Baden-Württemberg arms manufacturer Heckler & Koch are to elect Harald Kujat to the three-member Supervisory Board. The 77-year-old is expected to take over the chairmanship of the committee and thus replace the former bomber manager Dieter John. According to a “Welt” report, retired Air Force General Kujat, who served as General Inspector of the Bundeswehr from 2000 to 2002, was …

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