Hiesinger & Lehner: Why the critics attack the wrong people

In football, kicking is frowned upon, but unfortunately it is common practice in the economy. We are experiencing this again in the ThyssenKrupp case: via former Executive Board Chairman Heinrich Hiesinger and also retired Supervisory Board Chairman Ulrich Lehner, there is a veritable hail of criticism from the entire spectrum of the economy. Ex-investment banker Dirk Notheis described the decisions of the two in a FAZ column as “frighteningly irresponsible”, …

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Martin-Devid Herrenknecht

Herrenknecht Supervisory Board: When the Filius pushes to the top position

It was one of the most interesting interviews we have read in recent months: Manager Magazin interviewed Martin Herrenknecht and his son Martin-Devid (31) about succession planning with the world market leader for tunnel boring machines – and uncovered areas of conflict that usually do not become public in family businesses. The interviewers confronted the Filius with the fact that the Herrenknecht Supervisory Board – in which experienced controllers such …

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Digitisation: Which board members need to clear their language

“Only those who are understood can convince”, warned Heiner Thorborg in a current column. Managers must therefore be able to”speak well, freely, intelligently and comprehensibly,” instead of”hiding pale thoughts behind cloudy chatter,” says the personnel consultant. We vehemently agree and add that language is more important than ever in the age of digital transformation. After all, it is important to explain completely new business models to employees, shareholders and other …

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Klaus Gehrig

Klaus Gehrig: Is Lidl’s digital problem at the top?

Some of you will remember: A few months ago, Manager Magazin reported that Klaus Gehrig, Chairman of the Lidl Supervisory Board, had”never surfed the Internet before” – and in this context shed light on the problems of the retail giant with digitization. In the meantime, it has turned out that their extent is even greater than expected: The Executive Board has stopped the”electronic Lidl merchandise information system” (Elwis), which was …

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Armin Laschet

ThyssenKrupp: How Armin Laschet could turn the corner

We pointed this out last week: In our view, one of the biggest problems in the ThyssenKrupp case is the lack of management expertise on the Krupp Foundation’s eleven-member board of trustees. Instead, scientists like the chairwoman Ursula Gather (mathematics) and her deputy Reimar Lüst (astrophysics) dominate, who do not know the practices of the corporate world – and therefore made serious mistakes in the conflict with the aggressive investors …

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Oliver Samwer

Zuckerberg, Musk, Samwer: Dear founders, disempower yourself!

In addition to Elon Musk’s strong slogans, the electric car manufacturer Tesla has recently had considerable delivery problems in the headlines. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, on the other hand, had to report to the politicians after the data scandal surrounding Cambridge Analytica. And Germany’s best-known founder Oliver Samwer finds it difficult to develop young growth companies into established companies. Three problems – one cause: Many founders miss the right moment …

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