Dieter Zetsche: Higher manager salaries = better bosses?

Since the “BILD am Sonntag” reported on the lavish pension claims of outgoing Daimler boss Dieter Zetsche, manager salaries have once again come into the public spotlight. The Handelsblatt, for example, was right to point out that in times of millions in salaries, board members can provide for their old age themselves. On the other hand, in the competition for management talent, supervisory boards sometimes have to (may) pull out …

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Gerry Weber

Gerry Weber: Was the supervisory board independent enough?

To make it quite clear: insolvency is not a disgrace; and if Germany is to mature into a founding and entrepreneurial republic, we must give up general criticism and malice. Of course, this also applies to the insolvency of Gerry Weber, especially since digitalization and new customer preferences are currently posing special challenges for the fashion industry. However, objective causal research is important, and we are particularly interested in the …

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Anna Maria Braun

Oetker Advisory Board: Family dispute over new supervisory board member Braun

In December we reported on the entry of Anna Maria Braun (39) into the Oetker Advisory Board. What we didn’t suspect yet: The nomination of the designated CEO of the medical technology group B. Braun Melsungen, initiated by August Oetker (74), head of the advisory board, has triggered a fierce family dispute. According to a report in the Handelsblatt, Alfred Oetker (52), vice chairman of the advisory board, wanted to …

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Scandals: The ADAC needs a real supervisory board

The pattern is reminiscent of the devastating developments at FIFA: a scandal is followed by full-bodied promises and far-reaching reforms, which observers are sympathetically accompanying. We, too, were initially confident when the ADAC implemented a new structure two and a half years ago – but at the same time pointed out that the most important thing was “how the supervisory boards interpret their role”. A media report now raises great …

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First Lady

Dubourg, Kreis, Nemat: Do supervisory boards lack the courage to become “first ladies”?

In its current issue, Wirtschaftswoche has analysed which female managers have a chance of being promoted to “First Lady” – i.e. the first chief executive officer in the Dax. Among the candidates are Lisa Davis (Siemens), Saori Dubourg (BASF), Melanie Kreis (Deutsche Post) and Claudia Nemat (Deutsche Telekom). However, personnel consultants are sceptical as to whether one of the currently 26 women members of the Dax executive board will actually …

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Supervisory Board Chairman Wolf and the dismantling of the year

In this year’s AGM season the time had come. After shareholders had often barked but not bitten before, they overthrew a prominent Chairman of the Supervisory Board: Stefan Wolf, Chief Controller of the MDax-listed industrial and automotive supplier Norma, received only 49.6 percent of the votes at a spectacular Annual General Meeting. Investors and shareholder advisors were particularly disturbed by the heavy workload at Wolf, who is still CEO of …

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Co-determination: Lessons from the VW scandal

As if the measure hadn’t been full since Dieselgate, Volkswagen had to admit the next serious mistake: The group has illegally sold thousands of pre-series vehicles. This again raises the question of why a corporate culture with such a focus on turnover and profit maximisation was able to flourish at VW of all places, where the trade unions and the state have a great deal of influence. And since we …

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Fc Bayern

Uli Hoeneß: Bavarians need governance reform

FC Bayern Munich does not have a Uli-Hoeneß problem, but above all a corporate governance problem. A network of friendships, dependencies and business relationships prevents effective “checks and balances”: Hoeneß has a kind of community of fate with Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, who has been CEO for 16 years, and the other board members and sports director Hasan Salihamidžić are also known for a high degree of loyalty. Particularly alarming: Even the …

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Thomas Geisel

Supervisory Board Day: Thomas Geisel and the Mayor Curse

At this point, we have repeatedly and vehemently criticised the fact that numerous supervisory boards of public companies are de facto “politburos” – think of BER airport or the railways. We will continue to do so, but the truth is that in many federal states legal requirements prevent municipalities from sending enough independent experts to supervisory bodies. At the German Supervisory Board Conference (#DART14), for example, it became clear at …

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Michael Odenwald

Railway Supervisory Board Chairman Michael Odenwald: Controlling instead of control

The chairman of the supervisory board of Deutsche Bahn, Michael Odenwald, is said to have tried to prevent digital manager Sabina Jeschke from travelling to China. The chief inspector asked “what she wants in the Far East and whether it wouldn’t be better to prepare for the strategy meeting in Berlin,” writes Der Spiegel in its current issue. He even wrote a letter to Jeshke, “peppered with critical questions about …

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Cyber security: Kempf & Mangold admonish unsuspecting supervisory board members

Cyber security has always been one of the core topics at the past German Supervisory Board meetings. In addition, the Vereinigung der Aufsichtsräte in Deutschland e. V. (Association of Supervisory Board Members in Germany) was a member of the Supervisory Board. (VARD), one of the co-organizers of the Global Cyber Forum in Geneva, and already collaborated two years ago on a practical guide for management boards and supervisory boards. However, …

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Gianni Infantino

FIFA Council: The worst supervisory board in the world

It may surprise you, but Gianni Infantino is supposed to be a kind of Chairman Plus. The Senegalese Secretary General Fatma Samba Diouf Samoura, on the other hand, is responsible for the operative business according to the statutes, and according to the statutes she is “CEO of FIFA”. But new football leaks documents evaluated by “Der Spiegel” paint a completely different picture. Infantino therefore acts like an “absolute ruler” and …

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