Corporate Governance news – What role does Deutsches Aktieninstitut play in the Government Commission?

The Deutsche Aktieninstitut (DAI), to which around 200 stock corporations belong, sees itself as a representative of the interests of “capital market-oriented companies, banks, stock exchanges and investors”. At the same time, the DAI acts as the office of the Government Commission on the Corporate Governance Code. In my view, one problem here is that the government commission consists mainly of experts with a capital market and investor-oriented perspective anyway. …

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Is the government commission allowed to do everything it does?

Peter H. Dehnen: “The work assignment to the Government Commission on the German Corporate Governance Code, which also represents its legimitation, dates from 2001. In my opinion, it is therefore high time for a new legal assignment so that the Commission itself and the objectives pursued are not made independent. When formulating a new mandate, the formally responsible Federal Ministry of Justice should involve the Ministry of Economics so that …

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Code as guard rail?

Dear readers, a few days ago I was surprised by an article in the Börsen-Zeitung. Under the heading “Supervisory boards value the Code as a guard rail”, the paper reported on a survey of three supervisory board associations, according to which inspectors “feel supported by the Code in the majority of their activities”. I can only say that the mood among VARD members and in my network is different. In …

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