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Christian Sewing

Chairman of the board: A song of praise for the bores

At the beginning of October, “Die Welt” proclaimed the “end of the angular types” at the top of the group. Instead, “inconspicuous” guys who “don’t touch” take over Germany’s CEO position. As examples, the authors name Ola Källenius (Daimler), Stephan Sturm (Fresenius), Martin Zielke (Commerzbank) and Christian Sewing (Deutsche Bank) – and state: “Unity porridge instead of United Artists, adapted and smooth sanded”. We can well understand that journalists want …

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Manager Salaries: Who Pays the Best Salary


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Supervisory board chairmen: Who are the darlings of the media?

The happiest board chairmen in the republic are: Igor Landau (Adidas), Richard Pott (Covestro), Manfred Bischoff (Daimler), Dieter Schenk (Fresenius), Fritz-Jürgen Heckmann (Heidelberg Cement) and Wolfgang Büchele (Merck). Because the sextet received no media attention at all recently – at least when it comes to contributions in “leading media”. According to a recent analysis by PR Magazin, her name never appeared there in the first half of the year. And …

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Baywa boss Klaus Lutz: The last Sun King?

News from the Scene

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Supervisory Board of the Week: Jürgen Fitschen (Ceconomy)

Anyone who thought that Jürgen Fitschen could take it easy at the Deutsche Bank after his retirement will be disabused. In particular, his mandate as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the retail group Ceconomy (Media Markt, Saturn) currently demands his full commitment: In an extraordinary meeting last Saturday night, the 20-member board decided that CEO Pieter Haas and CFO Mark Frese must take their hats. Fitschen and his colleagues …

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Supervisory Board of the week: Knorr-Bremse

Guest Articles

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Keynote speech at the 13th German Supervisory Board Meeting

The motto of the 13th German Supervisory Board meeting is “Thinking Corporate Governance Further”. And for good reason. Some of you will remember: last November, at the 12th DART, Rolf Nonnenmacher, Chairman of the Government Commission on the German Corporate Governance Code, spoke about his vision of the’fundamental revision of the Code’ announced six months earlier. At that time I had hoped that a lively, transparent debate would develop – …

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Guest contribution: Jens C. Laue (KPMG)