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Armin Laschet

Armin Laschet vs. Stephan Weil: Who is the father of corporate governance?

Stephan Weil fights tirelessly for the automotive industry. Anyone who says that in ten years’ time there will no longer be any combustion engines will “see the most important industry in this country against the wall”, said the SPD politician last week. The problem: As a listener one wonders who is speaking – the Prime Minister of Lower Saxony, who is committed to the welfare of all citizens? Or the …

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Herbert Hainer: A governance reformer for FC Bayern?


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Corporate Governance

Achleitner & Merz: Guiltless guilty? The tragedy of the supervisory boards

ThyssenKrupp, Deutsche Bank, Volkswagen: 17 years after the publication of the German Corporate Governance Code, one scandal follows another. At the same time, criticism of Germany’s supervisory board chairmen as the supreme guardians of corporate culture is growing, understandably. WirtschaftsWoche, for example, recently stated a “cartel of clones” which, despite all the diversity Sunday speeches, led to monocultures in management. That’s true, but if you think we just need new …

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ThyssenKrupp: How Cevian dupes the Krupp Foundation

News from the Scene

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Florinda Bogner

Board Member of the Week: Florinda Bogner (Willy Bogner)

Now it’s official: As the sports fashion company Willy Bogner announced last week, founder’s daughter Florinda Bogner is moving into the supervisory board. Her father was pleased in a press release that the 34-year-old has decided to “assume responsibility on the supervisory board”. Together with him, she will in future “represent the tradition of the brand and the interests of the family”. Florinda Bogner studied interior design in the USA …

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Board Member of the Week: Doreen Nowotne (Haniel)

Guest Articles

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Keynote speech at the 13th German Supervisory Board Meeting

The motto of the 13th German Supervisory Board meeting is “Thinking Corporate Governance Further”. And for good reason. Some of you will remember: last November, at the 12th DART, Rolf Nonnenmacher, Chairman of the Government Commission on the German Corporate Governance Code, spoke about his vision of the’fundamental revision of the Code’ announced six months earlier. At that time I had hoped that a lively, transparent debate would develop – …

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Guest contribution: Jens C. Laue (KPMG)